House Rules

The house rules have been implemented to ensure efficient, predictable and high-quality orthodontic treatment. The aim is to provide clarity of what is to be expected from staff and patients alike.

All patients are kindly requested to read through and abide by the following house rules.

  • All patients should complete a medical questionnaire prior to your first visit and inform us as soon as there has been a change in your health status.
  • Please report at reception as soon as you arrive for your orthodontic visit.
  • Please switch off all cell phones when you enter the surgery.
  • Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice. Repeated cancellations will result in the extension of the time needed to complete your treatment.
  • Orthodontic appliances are temporary devices and can break during the treatment period. Patients are requested to contact the office in case of breakages, even if there is an appointment scheduled. This will allow us to take the necessary steps for reparations and allow seamless continuation of your treatment.
  • Oral health is a priority and clean teeth and gums are essential during orthodontic treatment. Our team will take the time and make an effort to ensure that all patients know how to clean properly, but oral hygiene remains the patient’s responsibility. Patients are requested to brush before every appointment and are warned that treatment will be seized if/when poor oral hygiene continues to be a problem.
  • Please feel free to report any and all complaints on this website here. This will be communicated to Dr. Strydom and the Practice Manager.