The use of retainers after orthodontic treatment braces is an important part of the continuing maintenance of teeth. Retainers go a long way toward keeping the same bite and smile that the braces formed.

We offer the following types of retainers:

Fixed Retainers

This type of retainer is commonly a thin wire that is worn across the upper front teeth or the back of the lower, which is bonded in place with cement. Although this type of retainer takes a little more effort to clean, it has the best outcome because the bonded wire will hold straightened teeth in perfect formation.

Removable Retainers

The removable type of retainer is a combination of a wire going across the front of the upper or lower front teeth, kept in place with acrylic material and hooks that insert in and around the back teeth to keep the retainer in place. Since it is removable, this type of retainer makes it easier to keep your teeth clean.